Speed Networking with YPA Sudbury

As part of the YPA’s three pillars of service, we strive to provide our members with opportunities to build their professional skills and network with other YPs. Many of you have asked us for some sort of event where you can focus your time and energy strictly on meeting others and making connections, not necessarily lending time to a speaker or activity. Thus, we hosted our first ever Speed Networking event on February 20th at the Taphouse Northern Grill + Pub. The intimate evening saw a room full of our members chatting, mixing, mingling, and hearing a whole lot of the word “Switch!”
Organized into 3 rounds, everyone had a prompt question to ask each person they met as the evening went on. Round 1 called for the usual “Who are you, and what do you do?” introductions. Round 2 got a little more creative, with questions like “What’s one thing you do everyday that you cannot forego?” and “What is your favourite line from any movie or TV show and why?” Round 3 got into the purpose of the evening, with questions such as “How can I help you to grow your professional skills?” “What do you most need to be successful in your career that you do not yet have?” and “When I leave here tonight, what 1 thing could I do that would help you in your career?”
With the success of our first Speed Networking event, we are definitely considering doing this more frequently! This event came out of our members’ requests, and out of a recognized need for more networking for our YPs in Sudbury. If you were able to make it, please let us know your thoughts on how it went and what we can do differently next time. If you weren’t able to make it, let us know if you would be interested in attending our next one – your ideas are always welcome and heard by our events team!

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