YPA Strategic Planning for 2018

Dear YP’s,

Your YPA Board of Directors has been working hard to devise a strategic plan for your 2018 membership year. As a board, we determined what our major focuses for 2018 will be. However, it is crucial that we understand the needs (and wants) of our membership. Below you will find our organizational goals for 2018.

  1. Grow and maintain membership


By growing and maintaining our membership numbers, this will give you the opportunity to create more relationships with other YP’s in Greater Sudbury. Not only does it expand your network, but allows you to meet and network amongst individuals you might not necessarily meet in any other environment. We intend on hosting more events throughout the year to engage all current members, and potential new members. More members = more opportunities for you!

2. Create and foster partnerships/relationships with complimentary organizations


We’ve already been working hard to create partnerships that benefit, and compliment YP’s. With your membership, you have access to over a dozen local businesses that have partnered with the YPA to give you access to discounts (Sudbury Steam Cleaners, Sudbury in a Box, Tony Vs, Tē, and Desjardins). As a board, we intend on partnering with complimentary organizations in Greater Sudbury to be able to increase to value of your membership.

Additionally, we have been working with local organizations to create opportunities for our members through events, professional development opportunities, and networking event such as the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce Networking After Five.

Have any recommendations on discount partners, or organizations we should partner with? Contact us!

3. Strengthen organizational structure

Having a working board of volunteer professionals can be tricky. However, going into the new year we feel confident in our board, and our ability to make things happen. By strengthening our board internally, we believe it will contribute to the overall success of the organization. Going into 2018, we have confidence in our board members to take the YPA to the next level. Our board members are competent, determined and demonstrate a passion for creating opportunities for young professionals in Greater Sudbury. Each board member brings a skill set that compliments the needs of the organization.

Curious about who is on our Board of Directors? Visit our board page for a full list.

On behalf of the YPA Board of Directors, we are excited for 2018. We intend on being your go-to organization for networking, professional development opportunities, and getting involved in the community. In the meantime, please feel free to connect with our board members if you have any questions or suggestions about our goals for 2018.

We hope you are as excited as us, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2018!


Hailey Short Chair, YPA


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