We’re very excited to introduce this new feature to our members and the broader community.  The YPA will be using this space to showcase and tell the stories of the inspiring young leaders of the City of Greater Sudbury.

The YPA has grown significantly over the last two years and we’re now at a place where we can start implementing our vision for the association. As young professionals ourselves we know that opportunities for growth, networking, and getting engaged in the community are key to advancing your career.  As the YPA, we will be your partner in this and will continuously look for ways to ensure that you as a member have access to these opportunities.

When I first joined the YPA years ago it was for those same reasons stated above, to meet and network with other like-minded professionals in our community.  Being from Thunder Bay I didn’t know many people, but the YPA made it easy to start building my network and making connections. Sudbury has many resources, tools, leaders and organizations that provide us with the knowledge we need to progress in all areas of our life, but as the YPA, it’s our mission to make it easier for you to find them and provide the platform to have a voice.

As a business owner, I can relate to some of the challenges of starting a business, networking and establishing your brand in a noisy world. It’s important to stay focused on your purpose and goals and to always be learning.  When you see people soaring in their lives, doesn’t that make you want that for yourself? Whatever you need to do to make sure you are living up to your potential, thats what you should invest in. If you implement small changes each and everyday into your life, you’ll see how much of a difference in your life it can make.

As your current Chair, I will always be here for you, to listen to your ideas, your vision and what you see in the YPA. I welcome your feedback and comments on all we do and will work hard this next year to bring you the best value for your membership.We’re so excited to have all of our  new members join us and we hope you’ve already created your profile on our website, attended our events and are active in our discussions. The board and I look forward to another great year for young professionals here in Greater Sudbury.

Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you at our next event!

Michelle TenHave

Chair, YPA


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