Adam Richardson has worked as a Human Resources Generalist at the Sudbury Credit Union for the past two years. Adam is 37 with a wife and three kids and has lived in Sudbury since 2006, having worked and travelled all over the world prior to landing here. He taught in Korea, worked at a pub in England, and was a journalist in Australia among other things.

Was this the career you always envisioned for yourself? What inspired you to pursue this career?

I never really saw myself working in HR to be honest. My main passion is travel and experiencing other cultures, but raising a young family kind of put the brakes on that for now. What got me interested in HR was the TV show Suits – I saw Harvey Specter doing his thing and thought that I’d like to do something like that too (I realize that his character is a corporate lawyer, but both roles share some things in common, such as coming up with innovative ways to deliver results to business).

Do you have any advice for other young professionals looking to get into the same field of work?

As HR is a highly competitive field – especially locally – it’s not enough to just take the post-grad course at Cambrian. You have to stand out in your class and work on building a network of professionals right away. Joining the local HRPA chapter definitely helps students get noticed.

What are some of your favourite hangouts around Sudbury?

Anywhere with a warm patio to drink a few beers is good. I’m also a fan of Tucos and Sapporo Ichibang.

What is your absolute favourite thing about living in Northern Ontario?  Your least favourite?

My favourite thing about living up here is the bush. I love hiking and being out in nature. There is so much natural beauty up here that it would be crazy not to take advantage of it. My least favourite thing is winter – being an Aussie, I definitely wasn’t built for that type of weather!

How did you come to live in Sudbury?  What journey brought you here?

I was living in Seoul, Korea teaching my third contract year. At the time I was on an expat soccer team, and our team decided to have a ‘70s soccer’ theme dress-up night. I had a cardboard box on my head that was cut out to look like a tv (supposed to make me look like a commentator). The night took us to a dark basement bar in the city. A girl came up to me and asked what was going on – I told her why we were dressed up and offered to buy her a drink. She was from Sudbury. Next thing you know, I was married to this girl and living in Sudbury! So there you have it – I met my wife in Korea with a box on my head and ended up in Sudbury!

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