Meet our Board: Jordan Richardson

The Young Professionals Association of Greater Sudbury is run by a board of volunteers who dedicate their time to foster a culture of community engagement, networking and professional development to empower emerging leaders and young professionals in Greater Sudbury. We wanted to take some time to introduce you to each of our board members in our Meet our Board blog series! Today we are introducing you to Jordan Richardson. Jordan is our Treasurer.

Describe what you do?
I wear a few different hats. As a financial advisor I assist my clients in developing a personalized financial plan that is tailored to what’s important to them, using a multitude of different financial products. As a broker of financial products I feel I can act in the best interest of my clients because I can utilize any company or product in Canada. As a hiring and development manager I’m tasked with hunting down talent that’s suited for the strenuous career of being a self-employed financial advisor. Developing a new advisor is one of the most rewarding areas of my career: taking someone with little experience or technical knowledge, and creating a path to success that they can envision themselves achieving, and most importantly, actually getting there.

Was this the career you always envisioned for yourself? What inspired you?
This was definitely not what I envisioned myself doing, but I could not be happier. My dad wanted me to be a pharmacist my whole life, and for various reasons that type of profession was not suited to my personality. My early twenties was a difficult time for me, I have extreme passion and drive, but I had nothing to apply it to. I bounced around a few jobs, and then was headhunted to start in insurance sales. The self-employed entrepreneurial benefits of my career resonated with what was important to me, and I never looked back. The root of inspiration is a very complex, abstract question, but I will attempt to answer it in a sentence. For me, I’ve always been inspired, I’ve always naturally been competitive, and I’ve always yearned for more… knowledge, satisfaction, happiness, money and recognition.

Why did you decide to join the YPA and what do you hope to achieve while on the board?
I moved to Sudbury almost two years ago, and as soon as I arrived here I looked for ways to get involved. I signed up as a Big Brother, joined a club named Rotaract that focuses on community work, and of course the Young Professionals Association. The reason I joined the YPA is I truly believe by creating a financially stable and well connected community, we will all benefit and grow together, and the three tenets of the YPA, Professional Development, Networking, and Community Involvement, help achieve this vision I hope for.

Do you have any advice for other young professionals?
I have two critical pieces of advice for young professionals, regardless of their field or practice:
1. Find your passion no matter how long it takes, it’s the only way to excel
2. Find someone who is an expert at what you want to do and beg them to be your mentor

What is your favourite local business?
Idylwylde G&C. I’m definitely biased because of my love for golf, but there’s nothing like the feel of a tight knit clubhouse.

If you could have dinner with any living person, who would it be?
This December I rang Tiger Woods front gate near Jupiter, Florida. He didn’t let me in. He’d still be the first person I’d want to have dinner with.

What song is your most listened to?
I’m an album kind of guy, really depends on my mood: The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Miles Davis, Chopin

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