Meet our Board: Avinash Srivastava

The Young Professionals Association of Greater Sudbury is run by a board of volunteers who dedicate their time to foster a culture of community engagement, networking and professional development to empower emerging leaders and young professionals in Greater Sudbury. We wanted to take some time to introduce you to each of our board members in our Meet our Board blog series! Today we are introducing you to Avinash Srivastava. Av has been with the board for a few years and is currently Vice Chair.


Describe what you do?
I’m a self employed financial planner working with Investors Group. In a nutshell, my job is to provide my clients with advice that helps them create, maintain, and pass on wealth. I generally do this through a variety of ways including helping to get better investment returns, save taxes, increase cash flow, reducing debt, and providing estate and insurance services.


Was this the career you always envisioned for yourself? What inspired you?
Although I was always that guy playing around in the stock market, I didn’t really see myself here until I got here. I, of course, had my first love – music. Then I went to Laurentian to be an accountant and follow in my father’s footsteps. And I after I finished there I was lost for a year with only the dream of having my own business. After working as a retail manager for a year I realized I wouldn’t be happy until I was in a position that allowed me to have more control and ‘call the shots’ so to speak. When the recession ended in 2010 I was approached by a number of banks and financial institutions about setting up a financial planning practice and I chose Investors Group because it allowed me to have the most control over my business. It’s great because it allows me to use all the knowledge from my degree as well as achieving that dream of having my own business.


Why did you decide to join the YPA and what do you hope to achieve while on the board?
Aside from the great networking opportunities, I joined the YPA because I spent much of my early 20s watching many of my friends and peers leave Sudbury to find employment in other places. I love living in Sudbury and I think this is a great place to build a life. I see so much potential in Sudbury and I want to be part of building a community that young professionals want to be a part of.
I would like to see the YPA turn into a “must join” community for young professionals in Sudbury. I’d like to see it act as an essential resource for young professionals with regards to providing important skills, development and networking opportunities, opportunities to help the community, and employment opportunities. Most of all I want to see it inspire young professionals to help build our community and grow Sudbury. I hope that many of these things can start to happen during my time on the board.


Do you have any advice for other young professionals?
Network, and not just to grow your business contacts. The amount you can learn from other professionals in your community will amaze you and you can always find new ways to improve yourself by learning from what others are doing. Also, get involved and be an active member of your community. It will help you achieve so much more both personally and professionally.


What is your favourite local business?

There are so many to choose from, but I am going to say Cosmic Dave’s Guitar Emporium. It’s about the only store I go into just because I want to find a reason to spend money. They have a lot of really cool and hard to find vintage guitar items and I am very prone to buying that kind of stuff. I really haven’t seen another place like it in any other city.


If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?
My dog, my acoustic guitar, a barbecue, a camera, and my car to drive around and have adventures in.


How do you spend your free time?
Largely with my band, Vintage Slang. I go to a lot of concerts. I also play a lot of softball, soccer, football, golf and various other Sudbury Sport and Social League sports. Finally, I try to stay involved in the community.


Check out Avinash Srivastava – Investors Group on Facebook to find out more about Avinash and his business!

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