Local Business Profile: Sudbury in a Box

Our local business profiles series will feature local businesses in Sudbury that are owned by members of the Young Professionals Association. Today we are featuring Sudbury in a Box – a local business creating luxury gift boxes that represent local businesses and entrepreneurs. Sudbury in a Box is owned by YPA Member, Emily Gillespie.


What is Sudbury in a Box?

Sudbury in a Box creates lifestyle gift boxes that showcase the local talent, businesses and entrepreneurs of Sudbury and area. We exist for one reason, which is to help people discover the shop local mentality.




Why do you think it is important to help people discover the shop local mentality? 

It is a positive reminder that small changes can make a difference. The businesses and entrepreneurs who collaborate with Sudbury in a Box are run by maybe your neighbours, friends or family – they genuinely care about the well being of the community because it is their home too. Showcasing these businesses give Sudbury an opportunity to show off the quality, charm and choices as to what is available locally. Not to mention all the money that is spent locally is put back into the community.

What does the future of Sudbury in a Box look like?

We hope for Sudbury in a Box to be seen as the choice for gift giving, whether that be personally or in a business setting. We also working towards a seasonal subscription box for the new year so stay tuned!

Do you have any advice for other young professionals looking to take the entrepreneurial leap?

Do your research on the type of business you want to create. Write a business plan to keep you grounded but always dream bigger then what you could imagine. And network with everyone – it’s always fun hearing new stories.

What is your favourite local restaurant?

It’s hard to say! There are so many great restaurants in our city. Respect is Burning has always been a favourite with their great selection of food and wine!

You can find out more about Sudbury in a Box on their website: sudbury-in-a-box.com or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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