Local Business Profile: Little Art Garage

Our local business profiles series will feature local businesses in Sudbury that are owned by members of the Young Professionals Association. Today we are featuring Little Art Garage – a local business teaching the art of making sculptures with Paverpol. Little Art Garage is owned by YPA Member, Kari-Anne Piche.

What is Little Art Garage?

Little Art Garage is a place where people can de-stress, find their inner artist, and catch up with friends. The business model behind Little Art Garage combines a unique product and service, producing a company with unlimited potential for creativity and growth. We work with a product called Paverpol – an environmentally friendly, non-toxic liquid glue which is used to create dramatic works of art employing unique sculpting methods. When working with Paverpol even a novice can produce some pretty amazing pieces of art. Once dry, Paverpol turns hard as rock making all creations 100% outdoor safe, year-round, in all types of weather and climates. 

I called it Little Art Garage because my hope is when we buy our house that my garage will be the art studio!

Why did you decide to start Little Art Garage?

I grew up in the small town of Espanola in a family where everyone either sings or plays an instrument. I’ve always loved art of all media, and my favorite part is to get my hands dirty. I got into a little bit of wood working: I refurbished old wooden chairs, made a table from a wooden spool and a couch from a wooden pallet. I taught Zumba for 6 years and can play guitar and sing.

When I moved to the big city of Edmonton in 2011, there was so much to do artistically. I tried to get my hands on as many art opportunities as possible. What could I create? How and where could I do all the things out there! From painting to pottery, stained glass and glass blowing. It was then that I fell in love with Paverpol. It was my goal to one day bring Paverpol and all of its beauty back to my little hometown and share it with everyone at this end of the world. I am happy to say that I have accomplished this goal by successfully moving my business to Ontario just this July of 2016.

I am one of those artistic people who always have a million things going on in their head, and I am proud to say I will be teaching others to work with Paverpol. My brain calms down while I’m creating – it’s like therapy. Can it get any better than this? I can teach people to do something artistic and bring more joy to their lives through creative expression, while doing something I love. I can’t think of a better way to spend my day.

What kind of classes do you offer and who can attend?

My introduction class is designed as an introduction into the world of Paverpol. In this class I teach the basics, step by step in a non-intimidating and laid back atmosphere. There is no experience necessary to join the class and everyone is welcome. My classes are meant for adults and teens as they are full day workshops. In a nutshell this class is done in 3 steps, starting with a wire frame then building the body with tinfoil and lastly dipping fabric into liquid paverpol and wrapping the sculpture.

I also teach 6 other classes specific to certain sculptures.

Where can people find your classes and register?

My classes can be found on my website at www.littleartgarage.com. There is a sign up button, and a class calendar with my schedule and classes so there’s lots of information and easy to navigate. I also have a Facebook page facebook@LittleArtGarage.

What are your future plans for Little Art Garage?

I fully expect to become an exclusive Paverpol distributor and plan to train other Paverpol instructors.

In recognition of the mental health benefits inherent in art therapy and my background in child development, I plan to develop classes geared to families, including low income and at-risk youth. I want to offer a couples class where people can come in and do a piece together – it could be a friendship piece or engagement/anniversary piece. As described on my website people have created sculptures as part of the healing process of grieving incorporating memorials and rituals in their art creations. 

The possibilities are endless with Paverpol. This autumn I offered a seasonal class where participants created a pumpkin sculpture for outdoor display. I would like to offer a seasonal or specialty class for all of the holidays and seasons, including birthday party options. I anticipate creating Halloween masks, bouquets of flowers, wedding bouquets and accessories. 

I can work with organizations and produce large projects such as mascots, parade floats, props for community theatre and the film industry. I fully expect to continue teaming up with other businesses and organizations, offering private functions such as corporate team-building workshops. 

I also plan to buy a house and have my studio in my garage, which is why I named my business “Little Art Garage”.

Anything else you would like to share?

I have two locations; Espanola and Sudbury. I am located at 140 Durham Street in the Parkside Centre in Sudbury and 120 Tudhope Street in Espanola.

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