Break Out of Your Shell!

One of the comments I hear most often from people is “I’m no good at presentations.”  As someone who is highly empathetic, I think ‘I totally understand, I feel you,’ but as a public speaking coach I think ‘Oh but you can be!  And once you learn to love it, it’s so much fun!’  Several polls have indicated that public speaking is the greatest fear among North American adults, greater than the fear of dying.  But here’s the thing: it’s a completely harmless fear!  Not to belittle glossophobia (the fear of public speaking), but it serves you absolutely no biological or evolutionary purpose.  Arachnophobia?  Definite purpose, some of those 8-legged suckers are venomous!  Acrophobia?  Probably best to fear extreme heights.  But public speaking?  Nah.

Many people decide that public speaking is not for them after either a negative personal experience, or after seeing a highly skilled public speaker who has set the bar for success really high.  But what did you do after you fell off your bike as a kid?  You got back on and tried again.  What do you do when you see a delicious recipe on a cooking video?  You try it!  Half of the time people don’t even get a chance to suck at public speaking because they never even try it!  And how can you know for sure that you’re going to fail at something you’ve never tried?

What I find with most of my clients is that they already have some great qualities as a speaker and communicator, we just need to develop some key skills, and polish the delivery a little.  That’s the goal of my new 6-week course Break Out of Your Shell!, to help coax you out of your comfort zone and become more relaxed in front of a group.  We’ll begin by having everyone evaluate their baseline and each week we will focus on a new skill ranging from dealing with nervousness to vocal volume to handling questions from the audience.  There will be tonnes of class participation and interaction, and though there will definitely be homework, it will be fun and engaging (no boring essays or reports here!).

The course is suitable for absolutely anyone and there is no pre-assumed knowledge or experience required.  Attendees from every industry and every professional designation are welcome, and the class size will be kept to 10 registrants or less to ensure a truly interactive experience for everyone.  Because this is the first time I’m running this course publicly, I am also including an additional work session of one-on-one coaching with me to perfect your next presentation or speech.  This is going to be such an amazing experience for all involved, and I absolutely cannot wait to help you BREAK OUT OF YOUR SHELL!  For more info and to register visit

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